Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sweater Weather: Brooklyn Tweed Coda

Hello out there, greetings from the winter wonderland that is Ontario! I know we're not alone, and that most of eastern Canada and our southern neighbour states are under a big blanket of snow. What better way to while away the cold days than knitting?

This started out as a Brooklyn Tweed Coda, which is a lovely pattern. The front has a cable along the raglan seam, and the back has an arched cable across the upper back. However, the more experienced knitters of Ravelry who had posted photos gave me pause. I really didn't like how the back arch looked, and I knew I would not want to wear it with the arch on the front (the pattern is designed to be reversible). So, I boldly changed course partway through - a bit of a leap for my second ever sleeved sweater, admittedly!

Well hello - come check out my cables.

According to my Ravelry notes,  I started this sweater in September, though it does seem like it's been longer. Some projects just like to linger with us, don't they? Not helped in the least by my decision to alter the pattern, and discovering that one ball of yarn (Textile Museum sale haul!!) was just a ball of really short strands.  So, here's what I finished up with, and a quickie recap of what I changed, for the record.

Yup, no arch here.

Once the front was finished, I went ahead and knit the back the same way, but I added another 8 rows of the pattern to bring it up higher at the back neck. Then I did some fun math, starting the sleeves from the bottom up, and decreasing using the original pattern as a I guide. I finished off with some short rows to shape the sleeves at the top, and used the original neck ribbing from the pattern. I made loads of mysterious notes, but I'm not 100% sure I could recreate this again.

The itch factor is medium, there may be some collared shirt sewing in my future...

Oh, and size wise, this is the 41, on most days that should be 3" of positive ease, which is one of the mysteries of knitting for me. It definitely looks more roomy on the model, but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. And I love the colour - it matches my favourite mustard jeans, which would make a pretty snazzy outfit, I'm sure. I'll leave that to your imagination for now, that's a whole lot of mustard!