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Sewn: Named Stella blouse & Ruri sweatpants

In my last post I shared two of my existing favourite patterns by Named. This time around, here are two pieces from their latest collection, Earth Science.

Here's my pattern testing story: I often test patterns for Named, but they don't all make the blog. Sometimes I make them up in a fabric that I've kept strictly for muslins and testing, and the end results are not always wearable garments. I always make the straight size first, as I feel a big part of testing is making sure notches match, etc. Sometimes the straight size works out well, but for some patterns, the straight size is not a good fit. If I don't have time to make a wearable version, they don't make it to the blog! We are never asked to blog or otherwise publicize the patterns, but part of the reason that I test for Named is that I love the patterns, so a post was born.

This time around, I had time for two patterns, so let's have a look!

Let's start with Stella - the raglan sleeve blouse with a…

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